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Top Hot Chocolate Places in Mumbai

I will take any excuse to pick up my favorite hand- warmer (a piping-hot cup of cocoa). Well, Mumbai doesn’t exactly have “winter weather” per se but who needs chilly winds to enjoy a sinfully delicious Hot Chocolate.

A tiny cute café in Pali hill serves “The” best Hot Chocolate. And to make it even more drool-worthy try their Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. It’s decadent—and totally delightful perfect for current Mumbai weather.

This one is for who love a little bitterness in their hot chocolate. Their signature drink the Chocolate Chaud is curated with their original foundation of 70% dark Venezuelan Single Origin dark chocolate with a nip of Cinnamon that makes it so irresistible.

This charming café in Bandra transports you to the by lanes of Goa. It is famous for delicious good healthy produce but don’t leave this place without trying out their hot chocolate.

4. Kala Ghoda Café

I am usually here for their dark chocolate waffles which is amazing but this special weather calls for a tall cup of hot chocolate. Get your favourite book and enjoy this warm hug in a cup!

One of my favourite places for croissant sandwiches. Le 15 Cafe's Hot Chocolate is not only decadent but flavours such as salted caramel and mocha give it an extra kick!

You've got to try it for yourself!

Happy 2020!!

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