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GAA: Stunningly Creative Marriage of the Flavors

Behind the scenes with Garima Arora and the Team

Finally had a chance to dine at the most talked about restaurant in #Bangkok GAA. Garima Arora, the head chef at #GAA, was voted Asia’s Best Female Chef 2019, the only Indian woman to have won, so far. One #MichelinStar GAA might be new to the game but its winning hearts around. The restaurant is intimate which stretches to three floors but with different dining feel.

As you read the exciting menu, the ingredients will all sound so familiar from our childhood (especially as an Indian). Like the #caramalisedmilk, #bananabread, jackfruit vegetable, #khakra, #porkribs. What also stands out is the creative addition of local fresh fruits to the dishes.

As the curtain unfolds and takes the stage, you’ll be mind-blown by the creations from those ingredients. Who knew such a simple ingredient like baby corn can taste even better?!?

The grand presentation of Savory Betel Leaf was the highlight of the meal that arrived on a single leaf wedged between dry branches.

Some of the best dishes on the menu were Unripe Jackfruit and Pickles, Liquid Banana bread with Thailand Caviar, Blue swimmer crab with pomegranate juice, spicy shallot, Chicken liver, langan, Caramelised milk skin, beef, yeast aquafaba.

We could taste the strong Indian cooking accompanied with fresh Thailand produce. Chef insists on eating some of the dishes using our hands to get the most flavour out.

Being a sweet tooth person, was left asking for more when it came to desserts. We tried the Burnt Coconut sugar Ice Cream with pork floss and Chocolate betel leaf (which is nothing but a fancy paan!). The menu did not finish on a strong note but otherwise a very satisfying and interesting meal.

So, the question is should you really travel to Bangkok to taste GAA? I say Hell Yes! GAA successfully captures the taste of different ingredients and combining them beautifully to tell a story!

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