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New Restaurant Alert: Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît, Churchgate

From the Slink and Bardot family, comes a swanky new French bistro in Churchgate. Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît looks like a posh French restaurant but when you see it closely it gets as comfortable it can be.

The last time I had a souffle was in New York at Ai Fiori. I was totally surprised that the airy baked dish was as good and that too not as a dessert!

The look, the fluffiness, the softness, and the taste were first class. We had the chicken and mushroom souffle which they had recommended, although I am not sure the mushroom was the right choice. Mind you it takes 20-30 mins to prepare so order beforehand.

We skipped the soups and salads and dived straight into the main course. Opted for seabass and the duck confit. The seabass wasn’t praise worthy but to my surprise the Duck Confit was the clear winner. The quality of the meat was just outstanding and the sauce & potatoes hit the right spot.

The dark chocolate souffle was the perfect ending to this meal. Given that the restaurant was just three days old, we did not experience any sort of teething problems.

The interiors are tastefully done and we absolutely loved the outdoor space which can be taken advantage of for a few months more (Thank you Mumbai winters). The wine list is not elaborate but definitely has the right kind of wines for the menu. And, you can enjoy the Parisian classic dishes without it hitting your pockets.

Bon Appetite!

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