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Masque: An Excellent Indian Molecular Gastronomy with a Kashmiri Touch

An ingredient driven Indian luxury dining restaurant where your first meal starts from their very own kitchen. They bring food sophistication to the Indian cuisine, where flavours stand out on their own. The creativity of each of the dishes, fresh ingredients and excellent presentation makes it an extraordinary experience.

Spoiler Alert - food here is much beyond the butter chicken, kebabs and daal cuisine!

Most of the dishes I tried were inspired from #Kashmir (Chef Prateek Sadhu’s birthplace). I was surprised to know that #Kashmiricuisine is a lot more than a #Wazwan. Kalari Cheese from Jammu, Buckwheat from Ladakh, Kashmiri Veri masala, Katlam a Kashmiri bread and Kashmiri Kawa were few of the many ingredients used in this course.

The only bone to pick perhaps would be that there are probably too many layers which confuses oneself on “what’s the hero” in that dish. Maybe trying too hard?

The cocktails were also short on moving our palate though the presentation was top notch. Cocktails menu is designed around Ayurveda and the five elements: Bhumi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Akash (void).

Net-net, I would strongly recommend this place to my readers as it really takes you on a sophisticated food journey through Kashmir. The food presented here is very innovative and keeps up with the new techniques yet keeping the essence alive of that dish. Special mention to the breads here as they are literally warm hugs out of the oven.

The menu will have likely changed by the time you visit given the seasonal freshness, but our take on the 10-course Non-Vegetarian Chef’s Tasting Menu will hopefully entice you enough to try it.

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