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Delicious and eclectic comfort food and great cocktails –that is Dirty Buns

The menu is so varied, ranging from #falafels to #rolls to #baos to doughnuts that we were scratching our heads. So we asked the #Chef, #BooKim to help us understand. According to him, the common thread across the menu is “Comfort”, something you would eat in relaxed pub atmosphere and reminds you of home. For us it was also something delicious to munch on pre-dinner or when craving something sugary after all that drinking.

The quinoa falafel was surprisingly very good. I might not even have such good falafel in a #Lebaneserestaurant here (no kidding!).

And the rolls - can’t even write without salivating. The crispy #shrimproll with hot butter garlic sauce is to die for. The bread is lightly toasted with butter and filled with a generous portion of shrimps.

We also tried the #Bulgogi bao which was one of Chef’s favourite (other being the #Korean BBQ Chicken bao, which I’m going to try next time). Although I’m not a big fan of baos, this was scrumptious. The #bao was slighted pan-toasted packed with Korean BBQ meat, kimchi relish, charred scallions, and toasted sesame seeds.

The quality of the #cocktails was astounding. Definitely try the Dirty #Margarita and Dark & Stormy cocktail. And you would appreciate the well trained staff as well.

#DirtyBuns checks all the boxes, a must visit. The only wrinkle would be the amount of #Carbs. But who doesn’t love CARBS!!

PS: Have to come back to try the desserts. It looked like a meal in itself.

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