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First Timer’s Guide to New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)!

A place of legends, superstition and more…

The place where you don’t feel like you are in North America anymore. The French quarter transports you to a quaint world where people are not rushing to get to their jobs with a cup of coffee instead they are strolling with a cup filled with alcohol. Welcome to New Orleans. A visit to New Orleans is a party, no matter what time of the year you visit.

Birthplace of Jazz: Yes, that’s correct. The Big Easy (this nickname came into use when the city was compared to New York’s The Big Apple) is the birthplace of Jazz music. Just grab your drink and hit the Frenchmen Street and get immersed in the music. You can’t miss out on these happening Jazz clubs: The Spotted Cat, BB King’s & House of Blues. Be aware that lines could be forbidding if you are not early.

Food: Exotic and worth trying

Beignets: Without doubt, start your trip to New Orleans with a visit to the world-famous Café Du Monde for their very famous beignets. Beignets are these warm fluffy pillows of doughnuts drizzled in sugar powder. This place is very touristy but don’t be scared by the long queue as they are very quick at serving.

Po Boys: A classic Nola sandwich which is nothing but a baguette bread filled with meat from fried shrimps, fish, crab or roast beef. Try Johnny’s Po Boys for some quick and inexpensive lunch.

Seafood: You can’t leave this place without trying some seafood. From #Oysters to #Lobster its world-class. Head to Acme Oyster House and try their grilled oysters. You’ll be in Oyster heaven for sure. This place is not to be missed.

Gumbo: It’s the official dish of Louisiana. A #Creoledish that is thick stew of meat and vegetables with Cajun seasoning. Lot of restaurants and bars serve this.

King Cake: A blend of coffee cake and cinnamon roll, king cake is usually iced in yellow, green and purple – the colours of #MardiGras. Every bakery serves a variation of this cake throughout the Mardi Gras season. There’s a fun story behind #KingCake, there is a small plastic baby hidden in the cake and whoever finds it must either bring the next cake or throw a party, thus sparking an unending round of food and fun.

Brussel sprouts: Who knew I would fall for Brussel sprouts in NOLA. These little cabbage buds are on every restaurant menu. Some of the best places to try the Brussel sprouts in the French Quarter are Sylvain, Cane & Table and The Governor Seafood & Oyster Bar.

Hurricanes: The drink as wild as the namesake atmospheric disruption. This is a sweet mixture of rum and juice served in a curvy glass or often in a plastic one prime for on-the-go fun or even in a syringe. You can't complete New Orleans experience without indulging in some potions!

Architecture and street scene: Make sure you have time to explore and immerse in the French balconies, colourful houses and the street performances. Plenty of Insta-worthy opportunities.

Cliché but true, there is much more to the city than French Quarter or Bourbon Street. Take few local tours and get an understanding of the history of this beautiful city. If you’re curious about Voodoo or spooky ghost stories then head to the local shops and ask for those tours and also, walk through Lafayette Cemetery! And don’t miss the fun tarot card readers on Jackson square.

Hope this post will come handy when you plan to visit NOLA. And as the locals say, “Laissez Les Bon temps rouler!” (Let the good times roll!)

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