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Dining on the Rock

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar is a tiny local restaurant perched on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s one of the top attractions in Zanzibar for its unique location and food.

During the research for my trip to East Africa, I came across the Rock Restaurant. Was awestruck my its unique location that I had to add it to my itinerary.

So here I was right in front of this gem of place and could not have been more mesmerized by it.

Where: It’s situated near the shore of Michamvi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar. You should have a reservation beforehand as this place is small. Book a table directly with them including hotel transfers (they provide two-way transfer for a nominal amount). Please note they don’t take reservation for only drinks.

During high tide, a small fishing boat takes you to the restaurant and when its low tide you can walk to the restaurant (be careful with steps as it gets slippery).

What: You should start off with drinks on the beautiful patio at the back of the restaurant and soak in the breath-taking view of Indian ocean under the African sky.

The menu is a mix of local Zanzibar cuisine and Italian flair. The food is inspired from the local fresh produce. I tried their Grilled Fish, Spaghetti with crab and fresh tomato sauce which was absolutely delicious. Its caught daily by the local fishermen from the reefs around the restaurant.

Ended the amazing meal with Pineapple flambé with vanilla and Zanzibar spices ice cream. A must try here. Although, the prices are bit high but the location and the view makes it worth it.

Would you add this place to dine here?

P.S. Head here when its high tide to get the most of this place.

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