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Boston in 48 hours

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

If you are visiting #Boston for the first time or want to see with a new pair of eyes, then here are some of my favourite places from my 48 hours in Boston.

Enroute to Boston: I took an early morning Amtrak Train from #NewYork which is super convenient, quick and not to forget food boogie along. Grabbed a quick breakfast and coffee from ample of options at the Penn station.

I thought I will take a quick nap on the way but was mesmerised by the whole view. Be sure to grab a window seat (ocean side!) to enjoy the scenic beauty.

On reaching Boston station, my hotel #TheKimptonNineZero hotel was a short walk from it and is situated in the middle of the hub. A smooth check-in, super quick change and I set out to explore Boston.

First stop obviously had to be for food. Spotted #LegalSeafood around the area and since my friends had told me so many great things about this place I had to try it out.

As their slogan goes, “if isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal”, the food here is all about freshness. I started with a refreshing drink and Legal’s Signature #CrabCake! It tasted so delicious with the mustard sauce. Next, I was super excited to try the famous #BostonLobsterRoll for the first time in my life!! I opted the Lobster Roll with warm butter which was perfect to enjoy the freshness of the lobster.

After having a great meal, started off with just walking around in the lush green #BostonCommon ground (central park of Boston) towards #TrinityChurch and cooled off with an ice-cream.

Next stop was world renowned institute #MIT that I always wanted to explore (not smart enough to get an admission there!!). It was unique in the sense of interesting combination of old-fashioned and also bizarre structures.

And then headed to #HarvardUniversity to explore various campuses. Definitely recommend exploring all these areas on foot as it’s beautiful, peaceful and you end up bumping into some great spots for food or drink.

After all the exploration went to #Sinclair at the #HarvardSquare which is well known for its live music performances, great food and drinks. Sinclair has a perfect view to enjoy the sunset while sipping on cocktails. Loved the #DevilledEggs, Sinclair #Burger, #SearedSalmon and #RoastedChicken.

Please note that on weekends all the good party places get crowded and has huge queues. So, make sure you narrow down where and head early to get a table and hold on to it!

After a good night sleep, was all charged up and refreshed to explore the #historyofBoston. Grabbed a quick breakfast, #eggcheesemuffin, #grilledsandwich and of course #coffee.

The best way to explore the history of Boston is by #FreedomTrail. It’s a 2.5-mile route that takes you along 16 historically significant sites. It was so fascinating to learn about the #AmericanRevolution which started in Boston itself. Its best to take the guided tour for a more interesting and informative experience.

I was famished after all the walk absorbing the history of Boston. We went to try the famous #NeptuneOysters for lunch. It’s a very small place and they don’t take reservations, expect a long queue all the time. People start lining up before it is even open (you can imagine the quality of food!!).

We got ourselves seated at the bar and ordered a wide variety of fresh #oysters. We ordered a bottle of sparkling wine Bisson Portofino Spumante '#Abissi' 2011 which is famously known as “#UnderwaterSparklingWine”. These wines are aged underwater and because of the consistent temperature, lack of light, underwater pressure and movements of tide it gives this crispy and interesting effect to the wines.’ The wine went so perfectly with our fresh oysters and of course #lobsterroll.

Then rolled into #OmiParkerHouse which served the first Boston #CreamPie in 1856.

Its super creamy and delicious. This should not be missed.

There are few outlets if you want to shop around and take souvenirs. The major attraction is #Primark which was the first store to be opened in US in 2015. They have everything from clothes, shoes, kitchenware and the list goes on and at an unbelievable price. So, make sure to checkout if you are around.

There are tons and tons more things to do in Boston and so much history to soak in. But these were the major highlights of my 48 hours in Boston.

Until next time!

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