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There’s more to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is the kind of place that is on every traveler’s bucket list. Everyone gets carried away with the casinos, the nightlife and everything else Vegas.

But not everyone knows that Las Vegas is just the pit stop for so many breath-taking spots. Just a few hours drive away from Vegas (also known as Sin City) are these amazing spots I got to visit last year.

The first stop of our road trip was to the Grand Canyon. Touching the West Rim first to visit the Skywalk and then stayed the night on the South Rim. The West Rim left us a little disappointed but the south rim definitely made it worth.

Keep an eye out for all lookout points on your way and pull over whenever you can. You never know what breath-taking view you will find!

We continued our drive to the second stop: Antelope Canyons. The Lower Antelope Canyon was our pick. Make sure to book well in advance. This place was definitely the highlight of our trip. The Canyon was something like we have never seen before. The rock formations are all located under the ground and were just magnificent. It was just picture perfect.

The horseshoe bend is also a popular spot. You must have seen it in many pictures. Just a few minutes away from the Antelope Canyon making this our third spot!

The next morning we spent a few hours at Zion National Park. We walked around a little as we were short on time but the views were just perfect.

November felt like the perfect month to visit. Tourists were few and the weather was just flawless. Pleasant evenings and slightly cooler nights.

We did this entire journey over a span of 3 days. Would have loved to spend more time in Zion National Park but let’s save it for next time.

This article is written by Mrinalini Kulkarni.

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