• Shraddha

Dalgona Coffee Challenge

Craving some fancy cafe coffee while stuck at home during quarantine?

Hop on to the #dalgonacofffee trend now and enjoy some creamy delicious coffee.

Here’s what you’ll need to make dalgona coffee:

  • Instant coffee (used nescafe)

  • Sugar

  • Hot water

  • A hand mixer (or a whisk or a spoon)

  • Milk or an alt-milk

Yes, that's really it.

First, measure out equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Then pour the ingredients into a bowl. The water needs to be hot or boiling to help the coffee and sugar dissolve. And just start whisking.

When you see the color changes to light golden and start to form a peak that's when your creamy whipped coffee is ready.

Add some ice cubes in a glass, add the milk and gently scoop the whipped coffee and add it on top of the milk.

And it's ready for you to enjoy!

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